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Frenchip | About
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French’ip is
a new way of
learning French !

My name is Julie Firket. I come from Li├Ęge, in the South-East of Belgium and I’ve been living in Brussels for more than 15 years. I’ve been teaching French to foreigners for 9 years.


Over the past few years, my students often asked me if it was possible to do more cultural activities, to talk about Belgium and cultural life in Brussels, to leave the classroom in order to see an exhibition, to eat something in a Belgian restaurant, etc. Lots of them wanted to learn more about Politics, Art, Belgian Gastronomy, etc. Moreover, they often complained about the fact that they didn’t have the opportunity to practice their French as they didn’t know how and where to meet some French speakers. Those questions made me want to create my own project : “French’ip“, a combination between language and culture teaching.

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